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Boost Your Digestive System Wellness

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5 Tips for Great Digestive Health

Digestive system wellness is linked to your overall health. Eating healthy foods with an unhealthy gut leaves you in the same position, as nutrients are not absorbed efficiently. This is why gut health is so important.

To understand more about digestive system health, and how you can improve it, continue reading.

The digestive system is composed of a variety of tubular organs running from the mouth through the stomach, small and large intestines up to the anus. The pancreas, liver and gall bladder are also part of the digestive system. The condition and health of each of these organs plays a part in a person’s digestive system wellness, as well as their overall health.

A properly functioning digestive system facilitates the intake of food, digestion and absorption of nutrients, and the excretion of solid waste. Cases of bloating, constipation and diarrhea among others are an indication of an unhealthy digestive system.

Read on to find out how you can boost digestive system wellness by following a few simple tips.

Drink Water Before Meals

It is recommended that you drink a glass of water about thirty minutes before each meal. The stomach contains a mucus lining that requires hydration to function properly. By drinking a glass of water you prompt the stomach to produce the mucus required to facilitate healthy and problem free digestion.

With the mucus lining in the stomach intact, digestion takes place without an increased risk of suffering the effects of heartburn.

Chew Food For Longer

The mouth represents the beginning of the digestive process; chewing food for longer helps boost proper digestion. First and foremost, chewing food facilitates the mechanical breakdown of food into small digestible particles. This makes it easier for stomach acids to digest the food, and boosts absorption of nutrients as well.

Additionally, saliva in the mouth contains important digestive enzymes. Chewing food for longer helps get the enzymes into the food, getting the digestive process started as soon as possible.

Remember To Feed The Good Gut Flora

The gut is home to a huge variety of bacteria, viruses and yeast. Some of the bacteria in the gut play a vital role in digestion. Stress, antibiotics, aging and even illness among others, can lead to the depletion of the healthy bacteria in your gut leaving the bad bacterial to wreak havoc.

It is therefore recommended that you consume fermented foods and supplements rich in probiotics. These probiotics are known to feed the healthy bacteria in the gut, and help increase them to healthy levels.


Regular exercise also helps facilitate faster movement of digested food through the large intestines. This helps prevent the loss of water in the large intestines while encouraging healthy and regular bowel movements.

It is also important for you to ensure that you consume the right amount of fiber in your diet to improve gut health. Implementing all the above tips in your routine will help raise digestive system health to where it should be. Furthermore, you are bound to see improvements in your overall health with time.